Balanced Londoner is a blog that I, Aine ( a 20 something Lithuanian living in London), have started because I feel SASSY preaching and have a genuine passion to help people. If something that I post can make a reader just a fraction as happy  as I am writing the posts then I will be over the moon.

The blog is a collection of things that most women have probably googled at least once in their life  or will…

The content includes a lot of  ‘all things feminine’ (ASOS is a real problem for my bank account). It is also a blog about positive thinking and trying to live a less toxic life. But TRYING is the key word; I am 100% NOT PERFECT.  I screw and I have a lot of negatives thoughts that I probably don’t consciously address.

However, that’s completely normal and humanly as we live in such a busy world that makes is challenging to remain clear headed. My blog documents my journey of trying to have a balanced life in one of the most amazing but stressful cities in the world.

I TRY to look cute to work everyday, I TRY to lead a healthy lifestyle, I TRY to remain composed in the forever super crammed tube, I TRY not to give into my hormones every month and I TRY to have a loving relationship with my figure.

But SHIT HAPPENS and sometimes I end up looking crap and wanting to punch someone on the train, go home after a long day and eating the whole world’s supply of chocolate…then curse myself for eating the whole world’s supply of chocolate and promise myself that from that from the next day I will totally stick to some super strict, zero carb, detoxing , super food diet. I THEN (as if I wanted to feel even worse) used to (thank F that I no longer do this) remember all the dickheads that I went out with and consider contacting them as maybe they weren’t THAT BAD.

Yeahp sometimes I hit rock bottom lol but everyday I learn something new which makes those kinda ‘sorry for myself’ moments less frequent and less severe.

Hopefully you enjoy my blog and realise that you are sooo not the only person trying to live a life in which the only problem is which blusher to buy and which dress to wear for dinner.


Contact me on: balancedlondoner@gmail.com

Lots of kisses,






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