Most people who are into yoga (and I mean really into yoga; not just the into it because it’s fashionable right now) live long healthy lives. Just doing yoga doesn’t account for all their youthfulness, as other lifestyle factors are important, but it certainly helps a lot. Yoga is one of the best forms (if not the best) of exercise because it focuses on the holistic health of the body; it fuses flexibility, muscle tone, aerobic endurance, and coordination.

One of the ‘less easy’ moves is a head stand. And the ‘less easy’ a yoga move is the more beneficial for our health it is. That is why all of us should at least learn how to master a head stand.

Head stands are beneficial because

-they give your heart a rest as gravity pulls all the blood from the veins up

-lowers heart and breathing rate over time

-relives varicose veins

-baths all your organs in a rich supply of nutrients for longer than when standing

-increases mental sharpness and bodily awareness

-enhances all your senses

-increases memory

-refreshes and rejuvenates the body

Bottom line is that it shakes up your whole body making your brain light up and fine-tune itself.

It takes time to get this right so don’t expect to be able to do it straight away (try doing 5-10 min of practice every day). I’ve been using YouTube video’s (like the one below), and going to a yoga class to help me out. If little old people can do it then so can we the not so wrinkly people!