An essential oil is an oily substance extracted from a plant that has beneficial properties. The essential oils are beneficial to the plant because they may:

-allow quicker pollination as animals are attracted to their pleasant smell

-ward off insects and pests due to being toxic

-protect against water loss as they are oil based

-protect against infections by bacteria, viruses, or fungi

-harm other nearby plants by inhibiting their respiration and photosynthesis

Similarly, essential oils are beneficial to us because we can utilise a lot of their properties to our advantage.I have picked out the 4 essential oils that I think all of us should have handy.


When I first got into essential oils I was baffled why everyone uses lavender in their soaps, creams, and bath salts…turns out lavender oil is the most amazing essential oil ever and you would be stupid not to choose it.

Lavender essential oil is great for sleep onset, relaxing the nervous system and taking the edge off (a healthier option to the night cap).  These effects are also beneficial for people who suffer anxiety and depression (and for sensitive people more broadly speaking). Moreover, it is useful for pain relief including menstrual cramps and headaches. I sometimes rub a few drops onto my wrists before bed when I’m feeling anxious.

It’s great for acne (as most essential oils are as mentioned in the last paragraph) as it is anti-bacterial and can contribute to the regulation of  sebum secretion due to it’s ability to regulate hormones and help achieve hormonal balance.

Speaking of hormonal balance urinary disorders can be helped out with lavender essential oil as it is a diuretic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory: it helps get rid of the problem and then settle your body into normality.

Lastly, the oil is great for stimulating hair growth and skin regeneration and when you take into account all its other great properties it’s a no brainer that it’s the go to essential oil for beauty.


Jesus had it so you need it too.

Again, like lavender essential oil it has a calming and anti-depressive effects when breathed in. It lowers heart rate, blood pressure and is a nice sleep aid (although it is very similar to lavender oil there are subtle differences in the compounds they possess and the way they work on the nervous system). As it is calming, again, it’s a good anxiety and depression treatment.

Another great use for it is as a mouthwash due to it’s anti-septic properties; it can help with oral odour problems and cavities.

One of the best properties of this essential oil is that it is great at reducing the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and blemishes. It is also great for healing wounds, cracked skin, acne, reducing skin irritation, and improving skin tone. So as you can tell this Frankincense should be incorporated into everyone’s skin care routine…well everyone who wants to have cute skin into their late years.

Lastly, it can be used as an aphrodisiac, to aid fertility, and achieve hormonal balance (which is important for the first two points).


The best anti- bacterial, anti- insecticide, anti-viral, anti- worm, anti-septic, anti- acne, anti-dandruff, anti- everything! For example, use on spots to heal acne, on scalp to heal dandruff, in ear for an ear infection, on wounds to prevent infection, on feet to cure athletes foot, and on skin to deter insect bites.

On top of that, when a cold strikes, breathing through your nose is hard, or you have a tickly cough using a few drops on a tissue and then inhaling it (I leave it on my pillow) makes the symptoms subside while working on eliminating the actual cause.

However, it can cause a burning sensation when used on sensitive skin when too much is used (I once put it near my eye and it was brutal). Also, overuse of it can disrupt hormones… I mean you would have to use it multiple times a day for weeks on end in large doses but just handy to know if you do suffer from a hormonal imbalance already.


This one is strongly recommended if you lead a stressful life and/or anxiety and low mood frequently creeps in. It works on the parasympathetic system (the rest and digest part of the nervous system) and bring around harmony and feel good emotions. It can have aphrodisiac effects and stimulate your metabolism (since you’re body does not feel under threat it can focus on healthy-ing your cells and boosting energy levels). And when you are body is in harmony your memory, digestion, sleep, and mood improve too.

Another great use it as a deodorant. I found this recipe for homemade deodorant that very easily to follow and actually works.

Lastly, all of these are great at keeping nasties such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, bed bugs, head lice, ants, worms, slugs, and any other parasites at bay because essential oils are toxic to them. Also if you have a spot, suffer from acne, have an inflammatory reaction, a cut, or infection get rubbing, consuming, and breathing essential oils (*with caution obviously as only small quantities are need. If you overuse any essential oil then it can be toxic).

And lastly lastly they act on the metabolic pathways that pharmaceutical company drugs do. However, they don’t exhibit the dirty side-effects pharma drugs do so it’s a win win.

*Just make sure that they are not from China, store them in the fridge, and they have to be dark glass bottles.