In an ideal world our skin would be perfect just from washing our face with pure water and doing nothing else.However, air pollution, processed and pesticide sprayed food, and polluted tap water come in contact with our largest organ. Not to mention that we don’t get enough sleep and stress prevails in day to day life. All this can result in skin that doesn’t not what the flip it’s doing. Some signs of unbalanced and confused skin include dryness, excess oil, acne, and premature fine lines.

Moreover, the stuff we put on it to make it seem prettier can also cause harm.

Firstly, absolutely anything that has been made or extracted in a lab using chemicals is no good (top baddies listed in this post). Our skin is a big organ that can be penetrated by small molecules and they can slide into the bloodstream. If the molecule does not exist in the body then the body does not understand how to process it and therefore it either a) excretes it through our skin, urine, poop, and mucus or b) stores it in our cells. Both options lead to a polluted body and thus potential skin problems. Sadly, 100% of the drug store products have  harmful chemicals and therefore although companies claim their product will help you with your problem that are actually part of the problem. As I said before, we have enough skin pollutants hitting our skin up daily so limiting the amount you inflict on yourself is a sensible idea.

Secondly, using too much of the product (even if it is the most natural thing ever) is not great. By using masks, toners, scrubs, and any other skincare inventions too frequently you are making the skin lazy and distrusting its natural composition. Yes, it needs help but it doesn’t need you to do all the work for it. A great example is the difference between men and women: women start playing with skincare at a much younger age than men and as a result their skin becomes lazy and dependent on beauty products. Men on the other hand tend to complain less about dry and damaged skin.

Below I’ve listed how often I think you should be using certain products (if you use them):

scrub: once a week

toner: 2-4 times a week

mask: 1-2 times a week

face wash: once a day in the evening (splash water in the morning)

face cream: once a day in the evening (apply to cream minimally to dry areas in the morning)

A lot of you might find it hard to stick to at first so small steps every week is the key to re-balancing the skins surface. Doing a clay detox (see benefits of it here) and eating an abundance of fruit and veg (read why they are awesome here) will really help you out.

And as with EVERY SINGLE PHYSICAL PROBLEM I TALK ABOUT YOUR MENTAL HEALTH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR. People that has tried all the products under the sun, done all the diets, and still have the same skin (or any other physical) problems (or they keep coming back every so often) are great examples that there is no physical cure. I am the best example for myself: I always have spots on my face, nothing major but they are there, however the first day that I am on holiday they go away…holiday is a time when I let all the stress from my body leave, I have no to do list, and don’t feel the pressure to look put together.