So as you know I advocate using natural remedies and ingredients to cure illness (and try and avoid the pharmaceutical nasties as much as possible*). I use Instagram (aine_bl) to post the things I use when a spot comes up, the flu strikes, candida flames up, or I want to have a digestive cleanse. However, I realised I don’t have a list of the main things I use for you all to refer back to and start them in your own home. So here it is; a list of my natural medicine cabinet:


  • I use: local Lithuanian honey. But you can use any good quality honey and preferably from a small company so you can be sure it’s the real deal.
  • PROPERTIES: Honey has an abundance on mineral, vitamins, and enzymes. It is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It is one of the best substances at regulating blood sugar levels and improving the immune system.
  • USES:

-Pre-work out to improve performance

-Cough and mucus relief

-Daily supplement for Immune system strengthening

-Ingredient in a face mask

-A remedy for inflamed wounds or burns

-Regulation of blood sugar especially for diabetics


-Daily supplement Haemoglobin level



PROPERTIES: Baking soda is a fantastic anti-parasite, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral. It is also slightly abrasive, so it is great for physically exfoliating.
It is also an alkaline substance meaning that is it great for neutralising acid.


– Treatment for nail fungus

– Treatment for candida infection

– Remedy for heart burn and ulcer pain

– Odour eliminator in the fridge, home, or on the body e.g. deodorant

– Exfoliator

– Toothpaste for teeth whitening

– Dirt remover when combined with water

– Remedy for a cold

– Increase the pH of the blood


– Cure for any type of cold, flu, illness

– Natural stimulant (if you do use it to cure a cold make sure you use it before 4pm)

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (3% food grade)

-disinfectant for popped spots

-disinfectant for wounds and bruises

-gargle for sore throat

-nasal drop for runny nose

-surface disinfectant

-teeth whitener (just make sure you have no open nerves or holes otherwise it will hurt you like crazy)


  • I USE: I use Himalayan salt and unrefined coarse sea salt from Lithuania because again it’s cheaper. But you can use any Himalayan sea salt (its become cheap because of the high demand) and any unrefined coarse sea salt e.g.
  • PROPERTIES: Salt was used extensively in World War 2 by a doctor named Ivan Shcheglov to disinfect wounds and heal joint and bone lesions. Compared with other patients treated by other doctors with conventional pharmaceuticals his patients had the highest rate of recovery and no side effects to the treatment. Salt has incredible anti- inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties (alongside anti- parasitic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal because nasties hate a salt rich environment).
  • USES:

-Treatment for fungal nail infection

-Treatment for fungus and parasite infection

– Compress or soak for inflamed joints

– Compress for wounds

– Laxative for constipation

– Sore throat gargle

– Exfoliator for the body


-regulate diabetes

-acne toner

– dandruff treatment

-reduce bite/sting pain/itching

-get rid of bodily odor (natural deodorant)

-freshen up hair in between washes

-sooth a sore throat and any type of cough


– Digestive cleanse

– Toothpaste for teeth whitening

– Exfoliator

-Face mask

There are a few more and some conditions require unique products but these ones are the foundation of a great natural medicine.