The only way I can describe thrush (vaginal candidiasis infections) is annoying. It is sooo annoying. Candida albicans is yeast that all of us have and it can easily grow on mucosal walls.

The yeast lives without harming us on these surfaces till one day we get an over growth of it; something in the body happens that causes the yeast to replicate at a faster rate.

This leads to us experiencing symptoms and the one that a lot of us females are familiar with is thrush (an itchy, smelly, white discharge producing vagina- I know its gross but if you’ve had it then you know it cannot be portrayed in an elegant light).

So what does happen in our body that causes us to get an over growth and thus symptoms? Well the answer is that our immune system is weakened meaning it can’t keep all the bad stuff at bay and the yeast can proliferate at a faster rate than usual. The number one trigger to a weakened immune system is stress.

Stress comes in all different shapes and sizes and you can be stressed without even realizing. Stress comes from self-doubt, having insecurities, holding onto anger, feeling sadness, being anxious, and feeling depressed. The body identifies all the negative emotions as stress, releases cortisol, and signals the fight or flight response pathway; a pathway that was built in so we could effectively react to a dangerous animal attacking us.  When cortisol is released the immune system is suppressed because, as I mentioned before, the body thinks we have a major threat to run away from and it needs to put all its energy into the pathways that will help our short-term survival…fighting infections is the least of its problems. However, while this was awesome back in the day, it’s bloody annoying in our modern day lifestyle. We have more stress than ever before and, to no one’s surprise, we have more and more people suffering from candida infections.

And yes I know we cannot escape stress provoking situations like the media constantly telling us that we are not worthy if we’re not toned to the max and horrible bosses trying to pile too much work on us. However, we can learn how to be exposed to the situations but not let them affect us. Now, it is not easy, it is super hard, and it takes years to develop, because the way we react to every situation is due to the set of habits we have accumulated over the years. I used to have a horrible habit of seeing these stunning girls on Instagram and instantaneously think that my boyfriend would rather be with her than me and that habit was formed due to me having low self-confidence. Consequently, I realized that every time my self-confidence dipped I got thrush.

Having pin pointed the way I was manifesting stress I started to work on upping my self- confidence; a very energy sapping activity. Every time a thought came into my head that I was ‘not pretty enough’ I challenged it and told the sabotaging part of my brain that it is wrong and that I am ‘enough’ just the way I am. Every time my boyfriend wanted to spend time with his friends not me the first thought I got was ‘if I was prettier he would want to spend time with me’ however I quickly silenced it by telling myself ‘no Aine, he has spent a lot of time with you and now he wants to enjoy his friends company, and this has nothing to do with your physical appearance’.  To control these horrible thoughts and to build new self-loving habits (so horrible thoughts like that wouldn’t be my default) took years to do. However, as my self-worth grew, I manifested less stress in my life and the thrush slowly went away.

Now, lets be real I still get stressed and it would be weird if I didn’t as even the Dalai Lama gets angry and upset. Sometimes I can talk it out among myself but other times I literally can’t pinpoint the reason why I’m feeling negative emotions, and this means that I don’t have self- confidence fully down fully. For this reason, the outside factors are still important. I believe that 80% of our health is determined by our mental state and 20% by the physical things we do (nutrition, exercise, and sleep). 20% is still a big number and a lot of us will never be free of insecurities therefore a healthy lifestyle is still super important. Consequently, the 20% is extremely important in curing your Candida too so below I have outlined the main things I recommend to take to help cure my candida.


  • Firstly, garlic. Garlic is one of the best anti-fungal treatments nature has invented. I suggest a course of odourless garlic capsules (best ones I found was these: ).Take 2 capsules every day for 3 months.
  • Secondly, I drink a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of boiled water every morning for two weeks. Do this for two weeks and repeat after 1 ½ months.
  • Thirdly, try and include as many of the following ingredients in your food as possible: garlic, cayenne pepper, fermented veg, oregano, and lemons.
  • A lot of people say you have to go on a no sugar diet, but I am more lenient. If you are eating a healthy diet (plenty or whole foods), taking all the supplements, and working on your mental health, then they will negate the biscuit or two you eat during the day. However, what I did stay away, and I suggest you do the same, is anything that is made with yeast- so try and avoid baked goods.
  • Lastly, exercise is a great medicine as it releases a lot of feel good hormones and takes away the tension that you hold onto. Don’t go over the top because that can cause stress but do something regularly that feels good while you are doing it.

I hope this has helped and given you hope that you can cure your yeast infection. I know there are loads of ladies out there suffering from this; they have tried all the stuff doctors have given but the nasty yeast infection still comes back which has left them feeling crappy. Let me know how you get on 😊