You guys might have been following the 5-day clay detox that I did a while back. I already have a clay detox blog post (please read to get the background about why I recommend drinking clay and the benefits of it) but I now want to provide the schedule and rules for a longer one. However, please do the one I have previously wrote  about first: have the clay once a week for a few weeks before doing this 5-day detox. Taking the clay once a week for a few weeks will get your body ready. Also before doing this detox I suggest eating healthy for a few days before hand (leading up to the detox you can have the things that I have banned in the 5-day cleanse, but try to have smaller amounts).

Lastly, I have referred to the mixture of clay, husk, and water as a cocktail hahaha I know it’s not as fun as a cocktail but it’s a mixture of things so I thought why not name it a cocktail.

As always if something is unclear please contact me on my email or my Instagram aine_bl .


  1. Drink a glass of warm water BEFORE the cocktail and a glass of warm water AFTER. You need to provide the cocktail that you are drinking with lots of water so it detoxifies efficiently.
  2. DO NOT eat 2 hours before the clay and 2 hours after. However, if you are dying to eat after drinking the cocktail then wait at least ½ hour before eating (although please try to abstain for 2 hours).
  3. Sip warm water throughout the day if you don’t want to feel extremely constipated. Warm water is better than hot or cold for loosing up your poop and water overall, is one of the two essential ingredients of good poop (fibre being the other).
  4. Water cannot be from the tap. Drink boiled water that has been cooled or a bit, or mix boiled water with bottled or filtered water.
  5. Avoid dairy, meat, salmon, tuna, and any canned fish/meat during the 5 days. They contain a lot of chemicals, antibiotics, and heavy metals- all the thing you are trying to detoxify your body off!
  6. Have a portion of fish (except the ones listed above) on day 3 or 4. While the clay is absorbing all the nasties it is also absorbing your useful nutrients so make sure you are replenish your body.
  7. Eat a LOT of fruit, veg (LEAFY GREENS are absolutely essential), rye bread, oats, wholegrain brown rice, grains, and beans. Basically whole plant based foods. These foods are essential for the formation of your poop (and that’s how the nasties, the clay absorbed, will come out of you). Moreover, the nutrients from them- especially the fruit and veg- are crucial to replace the ones the clay has absorbed (therefore please load up on them).
  8. Do not eat any fun (junk) and heavily processed food. These are: white bread, energy drinks, shop made fruit juices, shop made veg juices, ice-cream, chips, any sauces (ketchup, mayo, hot sauce), crisps, everything fried, deserts, protein bars, protein shakes, chocolate, burgers, and everything else that is considered junk food.
  9. Do not eat nuts. Nuts are healthy but they a very long time to digest and the aim of this 5-day diet is to eat easily digested and pooped out food. We need food moving through our digestive track quickly for the most efficient detoxification. Smooth nut butter is the exception as it already blitzed and will be easier to digest.
  10. You can have black coffee, honey, smooth nut butter (the good quality one and not too much), non-dairy milks, all types of tea, a bit of healthy oil with your salad, and humus.
  11. Do exercise that will get your abdominals working to help your bowl movement.



-1 tablespoon of psyllium husk (I use: )

-1 teaspoon of bentonite clay (I use: )

-glass of water

-plastic, ceramic, bamboo, or glass spoons (do not use metal)

*You need good quality bentonite clay and husk and the ones I have provided the links to are the best quality and cheapest I have found).


Do this the night before you will drink the cocktail. First, fill a glass/cup of boiling water. Then put the clay on top of the water and let it dissolve overnight DO NOT STIR or you will get lumps. In the morning the clay should have all sunken to the bottom or be floating in the water. Mix with your spoon, and once it is evenly spread out in the water, add the husk. Stir and drink quickly so the husk doesn’t expand too much.

For day 3, 4, and 5 prepare the evening cocktail clay the previous evening at the same time as you prepare your morning clay.


DAY 1: one cocktail in the evening

DAY 2: one cocktail in the evening

DAY 3: two cocktails in the evening

DAY 4: two cocktails in the evening

DAY 5: two/three cocktails in the evening

*remember one glass of warm water before and one glass of warm water after the cocktail


  • This will probably apply to the girls out there who are forever on diets. If you are thinking to do the clay then please get rid of calorie counting and portion control for these 5 days. You need to eat enough to bulk out your poop! If you’re going to be eating a small handful of rice and only a couple veg of a day then there is no way that the detox is going to benefit you. All the food that is allowed to eat is super healthy and will not make you fat. Listen to your body and when you are hungry EAT!!!! Also do not be scared of your plate looking super full (check out my plates on my Instagram: aine_bl) as a diet based on whole plant foods (that is abundant in leafy greens) is very low calorie!!!!
  • You might feel bloated on the first day or all throughout the cleanse, it just depends how bunged up your digestive tract is. Moreover, you should feel a temporary bloat after every meal if you are eating an abundance of fruit and veg.
  • Take this seriously as it can do serious good for you but it can also do bad if you don’t abide to the rules. Obviously, if you only have a piece of cake, a bite of meat, or a drink of milk, then nothing bad is going to happen (you just won’t get the 100% benefit of the clay).