These days weight loss is an everyday goal for so many people. A lot of people are trying to lose weight because the consumption of highly processed food has lead to an obesity  pandemic. So while I do not believe in eating for weight loss, I wanted to describe a sensible weight loss diet so that at least I can put out a healthier suggestion than a lot of the ones I’ve come across online.

Right so…my healthy weight lose diet is…eat as much fibre as you want. That’s it. Yes it’s nothing profound, and it’s been suggested many times before BUT why haven’t we all gone out and followed it then? Personally, I believe that we need a good understanding of any new change we are introducing into our life in order to make it a lifelong one. Simply giving people a list of foods that they should eat and telling them to JUST do it is too optimistic: if it was so easy to instruct people to change eating habits within seconds, then the obesity pandemic wouldn’t be around anymore.

For this reason, I’m going to give you a quick outline of how fibre aids weight loss.

Firstly, fibre is the broom of your gut. It is the stuff that pushes out the entire gunk (which includes toxins) that gets stuck on your gut wall (that is if the gunk isn’t stuck on super strong*1). This is vital for optimal nutrient absorption because you are what you absorb (NOT you are what you eat as some like to say). If your food absorption is not efficient, then you will keep craving more food in order to gain the vitamins and minerals your body needs, and thus eat a surplus of calories. So when your gut surface is de-congested the good stuff has a higher chance to pass through your VIP gut wall. Consequently, because fibre keeps everything moving, your bowel movement will keep moving too (you NEED to be going at LEAST once a day, if you’re not then seriously up your fibre). So, fibre not only gives the good stuff a chance to get in, but also kicks the bad stuff out ASAP. EAT YOUR FIBRE IF YOU DON’T WANT CRAP TO CHILL IN YOU FOR TOO LONG.

Next fibre allows the beneficial gut microbes to flourish as it is their food source (the prebiotics in them to be precise). The research is finally being done that shows just how crazy important your gut microbiome is to your health by proving that the microbiome influences mood, sleep, hunger, libido, digestion, and reproduction. For example, your microbiome has a large influence on your mood as some of the beneficial bacteria is responsible for serotonin production, therefore the more of them there is, the more of the feel good hormone is circulating in your blood, AND THE MORE MENTALLY STABLE YOU FEEL. On the other hand, the harmful bacteria- such as the ones responsible for things like thrush, depression, indigestion, and fat production- feed on simple sugars found in proceeded foods. Everyday you choose which type of bacteria will be feed by the type of food you ingest, and therefore which ones will control you. THEIRS A CIVIL WAR HAPPENING IN YOUR GUT PEOPLE so you better equip the good bacteria with fibre so they can overrule the havoc causing ones.

Consequently, when the population of the drama causing bacteria has decreased, and the beneficial bacteria is flourishing in your body, then the crazy cravings to binge eat a large amount of chocolate, cookies, crisps, fried chicken, and all that processed jazz will go as they have a major influence on the insatiable craving you have for junk. Your microbiome is in constant contact with your brain, constantly treating your brain as the waiter, and requesting food to feed on. Obviously, you will still get cravings now and again for the fun foods but it will be because of other environmental factors influencing you and not because your harmful bacteria is going HAM.

Lastly, although you already know all the sources of fibre, I thought I’ll list them here just because it seems like the obvious thing to do:

-all kinds of porridge

-rye bread and other wholegrain breads






*Please note that you have to have a range of these and focus on the fruit and veg the most. Also, with fruit and veg, it is essential that you have them with the skin (if the skin is edible that is).

As I said, eat as much as you want of these, I can assure you that you WON’T have the uncontrollable feeling that you can’t stop eating these. Yes, perhaps you will overeat on the first few days if you’ve been on a calorie restrictive diet, but as soon as your body realises that it won’t be deprived anymore it will regulate itself. Toss the calorie counting, macros counting, and any types of mathematics you do with your nutrition, and trust your body that it knows what it’s doing when you’re feeding it well.