There isn’t: a single shade of lipstick that suits everyone, a single pair of jeans that flatters every body size, and an exact amount of hours that everyone needs to sleep. However, there is a constant need to define the perfect diet that will suit every single person. Diet advice is everywhere, and it has become harder and harder to decide what is actually healthy. Moreover, researchers, nutritionists, dietitians, and doctors advocate diet advice that conflicts one another. From years of trying to sculpt the perfect healthy diet—and thus dabbling in raw food, vegan, ancestral and Mediterranean diets—I have learnt that there is no perfect diet, and there is literally no precise definition of optimal health. I know this might sound as an anti-climax to the ‘holy grail of the perfect diet search’, but there really isn’t a magic combination of food that is superior to another combination of food.

This blog post came about after watching a Youtuber called Freelee, who holds a very negative and aggressive opinion of people who eat animal products. No one has the right to troll and look down upon what others are eating, and no one should preach that their diet will change your life. Yes, by all means we have the right to state our opinion and question others about something but it always has to come from a place of love, be expressed in a none judgmental or defensive tone, and appreciate that some people may not agree with it. The only truth I know is that health has many meanings, and it is important to identify what you want to get out of your diet: do you want to lower blood pressure, have stronger bones, lose weight, gain weight, develop your world food knowledge, cure a chronic illness, aid detoxification, or save money. For someone who is ill cutting down on food is a healthy option as it allows the body to use energy towards healing, however if you are an athlete training then the healthier diet would be an abundance of calories.

End of the day we shouldn’t judge anyone since we are not in their shoes—especially on topics that are very personal  such as health. The best way to change people opinions (be it become vegan or take up your religion) is to show to the world how happy you are living the lifestyle you live, and highlight how healthy you feel, and if someone is inspired by you, then they will aspire to take up your habits. This way, you are only putting out positive energy into the world and upset much less people (obviously, there will always be people who will want to criticise and trash talk you). It is great that knowledge is so readily available these days, but we should be careful how we present it, and not look down upon people who might be using knowledge that contradicts yours to live their lives.

*DISCLAIMER: At the end of the day, I am not immune to catching myself being judgmental and I am certainly not perfect!!! But by constantly reminding myself not to be a dick, I am slowly getting rid of this bad habit. Repetition is key people.