1. House chores require constant movement, and thus they are a really accessible form of exercise. Vacuuming comes to mind when I think of heartbeat raising chores. Unfortunately, from an exercise point of view, the vacuum cleaners most of us have are light and compact, so navigating them from room to room is easy. To combat this horrible technological advancement, you can easily: put a backpack that contains something heavy, get cheap leg weights, or carry the body of the vacuum cleaner (instead of pushing it). Moreover, try to turn your chores into a fun and health beneficial activity by listening to music, setting timers for each chore, having a reward when you finish, and including breaks for a few workout moves.
  2. Trampolining is a super fun exercise and the benefits your lymph system reaps are amazing. Your lymph system is the body’s waste removal system. Help your lymph system flush out toxins and built up gunk, and you will boost your immune system, and also benefit from weight loss. Small trampolines that can be kept in the living room are cheap, and you can use them while watching TV! There are loads of Youtube videos that guide you through fancy trampoline workouts, however a steady jumping routine that gets you sweating is just as good.
  3. A fast walk, hike, or stair climb is one of the best ways to burn fat and maintain muscle. Walking, like doing house chores, is free. Make yourself a walking plan, grab some water, maybe a friend, and aim for an hour. When I go for long walks I like to ideally walk till I feel fatigue in my muscles, and the end goal is always a cute coffee or a nice meal. Our bodies have been custom made to walk and run so use your body for what it was intended.

To conclude, exercise is not just for the gym; it can be done anywhere. We can all make excuses, sit on the sofa, and wait for diseases to creep up onto us, or we can be proactive and take preventative measures β€” exercise being one of the best.