I smirk at the sexy ladies on Instagram, and judge them for flaunting their nakedness to get likes. However, digging deeper I’m probably jealous of them for the male attention they get. Moreover, I am jealous that guys would rather look at women’s seductive-barely-clothed Instagram posts than the images I post. So in the end, the reason why I sometimes put down women is because I lack self-confidence. And this is all too common among women; we are our worst enemies. Women bitch about women who wear provocative outfits to work, and thus consider them less competent at their job. Moreover, although men might judge women too, they have been brought up by female family members and the women in the media criticising women over their looks. Us women, have allowed men a free pass to judge us on our looks. We are in a constant battle with each other over attractiveness, relationships, jobs and skills—we try to tell ourselves it’s the men putting  pressure on us to be perfect, but it is really our own doing. Over time, women have formed a false belief that their self-worth is conditional on the self-worth of another female , and it is time to break it, especially as mental disorders amongst women are the highest they’ve ever been. As always if you want something  to change, change yourself, and your surroundings will change.