For a sports car to perform at its best it needs to be used regularly, driven fast, and filled up with good quality fuel to prevent engine damage. Our bodies, just like sports cars, need to be moved frequently, worked hard, and nurished with good quality food to prevent ill-health. Every machine is designed with a purpose, but it needs to be used correctly to perform efficiently, and stand the test of time. If exercise and nutrition was ingrained in every school curriculum, and regarded just important as math, science, and English then maybe the obesity epidemic would become a thing of the past. As middle-income and high-income countries we need to seriously shake up our habits, and the way we see exercise and nutrition. Regular exercise and a healthy diet should not be optional โ€”they should be obligatory. The government has a big part to play when it comes to nutrition; fruit and vegetables prices need to drop to make them more accessible to people on small incomes. Moreover, doctors need to start prescribing nutritious diets and exercise the same way they prescribe pharmaceuticals. However, we do have 100% control over our exercise as it is free, and therefore accessible to all. Prevention is better than cure for so many reasons: it saves a country a huge amount of money, improves quality of life, boosts economy, and prolongs life. So in 2018, letโ€™s do ourselves and the country a favour by ย moving our backside more frequently.