We don’t have enough time, we’re too tired, we haven’t joined a gym. These are just some of the excuses we make to avoid exercise. We see exercise as a chore, but research has proven time and time again that exercise is a key ingredient to happiness. When we exercise narcotic-like substances are released into the blood called endorphins; the result is the blockage of pain and the feeling to pleasure. This phenomenon has been experienced by anyone who has ever exercised.

The release all the feel-good hormones is precisely why exercise should be a habit that all of us incorporate into our daily routine- even if you dedicate a minute of your day to exercise because doing something little is 1000000% better than doing nothing at all. Exercise is natures anti-depressant pill that, if taken regularly, can bring about result- with no side- effects- that are far greater than any pill that the pharmaceutical industry has conjured up. The reduction in negativity, especially stress, leads to a body which is stronger and more resilient, and thus it is the one of the best preventive measures we can take to avoid illness.

Consequently, we need to shift the social media image of exercise as fashionable; fashion fades and becomes boring. Exercise is a necessary part of a human’s life; we need to move and challenge our strong muscular bodies regularly to have the immune system, the cardiovascular system, the skeletal system, the digestive system and etc working as efficiently as possible.

Set yourself a challenge to exercise at least 20 minutes each morning for a week (if exercise is not in your routine already). It can be stretching, yoga, walking, running, weight lifting or anything else that gets your heart rate pumping and slightly challenges you. I assure you that you will see a shift in your mood and how you approach the day. You don’t need to start buying protein shakes, sipping pre-workout drinks, buying new gym leggings and looking up the newest exercise craze- just start with the basics and make exercise a habit that you fall in love with.