From morning to evening, we are exposed to a range of events, and content, that has the potential to provoke negative emotions in us. Your hot water might not work, you might be robbed, or you could get a massive spot the day you bump into your ex.  The scenarios are endless, and all can leave you with negative emotions.

It is totally normal (and sometimes even good) to feel sadness, anger, or self-hate but it is spirit destroying to let those emotion infiltrate your body. The more you let the negative energy stay, the more it will become the ‘go to’ reaction emotion whenever you experience a slightly dissatisfying stimulus. You will start to see the world through the eyes of fear. If someone stares at you, you will feel they are judging you, instead of thinking ‘they are checking me out because I look cute’. If you get fired from a job, you might back talk your manager, or tell yourself your incapable of success, instead of trying to find a way to constructively improve yourself professionally, and feel a sense of excitement for the future.

I get caught up in these emotions however, I have a range of things I immediately do to wage war on the nasty thoughts that invade me.

  1. Recite ‘I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me, thank you’

I don’t expect you to fully understand this sentence at all if you are not familiar with Ho’oponopono: The Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual. I first came to know of the saying in the book “Zero Limits’ by Joe Vitale. I read this straight after my first love broke up with me; it helped me immensely to move on and to realise that my 18-year-old self can be happy again. That single sentence is extremely powerful; it sends out positive energy into the universe and cleanses negative energy around you. I say this in my head when I feel anxious, sad, scared and all the other emotions that I express by acting out of fear.

  1. Remind myself that whatever happens, happens for a reason

This is my life mantra. Everything happens for a reason, everything is a life lesson. No one is perfect because there are always new lessons to learn. As soon as you master the true meaning you will accept yourself and others fully; you will be able to love yourself unconditionally, and not beat yourself up for any mistakes. I am still very much in the process of learning this and I must recite ‘everything happens for a reason’ many times when I try to be-little myself sometimes.

  1. Look back to the past to re-assure myself of the future

Remind yourself of a time when you were sad, angry disappointed and realise that you over-came it and ended up seeing the positives of the situation. By doing this you remind yourself that you are strong and have already overcome horrible things in life, and the current situation will also pass and one day you will see the positives it had on you.

  1. Watch a motivational You tube video

This always gives me an instantaneous hit of feel-good emotions. I’ve listed a few of my favourite YouTubers in a previous blog post. Listening to people talk about the things they have overcome to become incredible people, doing incredible things makes you motivated to become as happy as them and stop getting hung up on the small things as that stops you to achieving big goals.

  1. Talk to a very close person to you

Pick someone who you truly trust, and tell them exactly how you feel; don’t hold back on anything even if you know it might make you sound like a horrible horrible person. I do this and most of the time, through spitting out all my horrible thoughts, I realise how silly I sound, and end up talking myself out of the negative mind set. Basically- sit someone down so you could deliver a monologue in which you might end up sounding like you have bipolar.

  1. Listen to music that empowers you

I was watching one of Patricia Bright’s videos (a link to her in an older blog post) and she encouraged woman to stay away from music that sexually objectifies them. After that, I reviewed my music and realised most of my songs are by males- and some are dis-empowering. I quickly made myself a ‘girl power’ playlist and started listening to it during my commute to work. The result was felt; listening to strong woman, singing how bomb ass great they are made me feel bomb ass…and great. This is a simple yet effective habit, but it also comes in when you are feeling down and haven’t got a friend nearby to tell you how amazing you. Let Sia, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys and Adele radiate some woman power into your life!

Link to Zero Limits Book:

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