YouTube, in my opinion, is one of the best things that has ever been introduced to the web; it has helped me to pass university exams, cook a tasty meals and learn how to do a killer smoky eye. I listen to ‘self-improvement’ talks on whilst at work, and at home I indulgence in a few lifestyle videos. Recently, I’ve come across some great people who I can’t stop talking about, so I thought I shall share them through a blog post. Some of the links are purely for one video I particularly enjoyed, whilst others are for the whole channel.

Hope you like this mix of online goodies!

Louise Hay

Mind health, personal development

So this one is interesting; I’ve read a couple of Louise’s books before and haven’t connect with her, I found other authors such as Don Miguel Ruiz and Gary Zukav were better at communicating the same message. However, I stumbled upon her on YouTube and…I love listening to her! I’ve given the link to a couple talks I particularly enjoyed. Such a calm person, who has some great advice on how to approach life with a positive attitude.

Lisa Nichols

Self-improvement, motivation, kick you up the ass talks

All her talks are amazing but this one made me want to cry (I would of if I was at home, but I was at work and had mascara on so I had to reel it in). Lisa is an incredibly wonderful woman that has pulled up her socks and stopped making excuses to become a super successful business woman. She had all the odds against her, but she didn’t let those determine her future; by believing in herself and working hard, she turned her life upside down and is not bloody passionate to inspire others to do the same. Just listen to this interview- it will stop you in your tracks.

Ali Andreea:

Makeup, hair, beauty

There is a lot of beauty bloggers out there but I find a lot of them do make up tutorials that result in a fake ‘Kylie Jenner’ look, and although they look stunning, it is not the look I am going for. On the other hand, I like to look like I have make up one and therefore the completely natural look is also not for me. So, when I randomly came across Ali I was so excited: she is a French lady, who’s a professional make-up artist and I find her style very classy, feminine and glamorous. I also have a massive girl crush on her!

Patricia Bright

Girl talk, beauty, fashion, lifestyle

Patricia is my current YouTube blogger/vlogger. She’s super funny, up beep and her baby is adorable. She is doing amazingly well (one of the faces of L’oreal) but her videos are down to earth and very relate-able. Great chill out with tea videos.

Tony Robbins:

Mind health, personal development, relationships


Another person whose book I read and didn’t connect with on paper. But I am addicted to his YouTube videos! They are long but every single second is captivating, and on so many occasions I’ve paused his video and rewound it to listen to a concept he’s talking about again. I am especially blown away by his relationship talks; I’ve adapted a lot of his advice and I think they have had a seriously good result with how I communicate in friendships and relationships. I love the two videos I have provided but please get lost in all the other videos featuring Tony!

Esther Perel

Relationships, mind health

Most of us need to listen to this lady to learn how to behave in relationships. Seriously, listen to this lady if you want to have strong, beautiful and prosperous relationships. She is so straight talking, and highlights so many things that most people do the wrong way in relationships (when I say relationships I mean all kinds of human interactions not just the romantic ones). Moreover, there are real couples counselling sessions that she has lead that are so powerful and really get behind the real reasons why people cheat. Bottom line, if you want to be good at anything in life you need to learn about it, and therefore if you want to be good at relationships you need to learn about them- and listening to Esther is a great way to do so.

Sophie Milner:

Fashion, hair, girl talk

Finding a fashion blogger whose body and style is similar to yours is great as it saves you time trying on so many things; if it fits them, and you like the clothing then it eliminates the ‘what size should I buy online?’ game. For this reason I follow Sophie. I also love her hair and therefore I have provided a link to her hair tutorial video.

Evan Carmichael


You have probably come across his short videos where he extracts key life tips from celebrities and compiles them into easy to watch videos. He also has some longer videos which include his own talks and celebrity interviews. Perfect ‘snack’ videos before you work, study or need a little dose of motivation. I especially love the Oprah one as she is my all idol!!! I also included David Goggins one as he is just one crazy motivated man that will definitely motivate you to get up and go to the gym!

The financial diet

Young woman money advice, saving tips, adulating life

Personally, I was not taught by my parents about money and therefore throughout university I threw away money which I could have really saved up. So, I was very happy, when I found this great YouTube channel hosted by two young ladies who provide some really easy to follow money saving tips that are very do- able. Even if you have your finances on track their channel has some great tips to simply make your life a bit less materialistically wasteful. Moreover, they are super friendly and the videos do not feel like economics lessons!


PS: If you have some cool people that you feel all of us should be following let me know!