My aunt was the first one to introduce me to the Bentonite Clay and Psylliyum Husk Detox, a few years back. At first, when she offered me to do the detox with her, I was like “I’m into the whole herbal medicine, whole food, and meat free jazz but drinking clay is just too far”. However, after going away to read about it for myself, I found a wealth of knowledge about the detox, and about clay in general. I genuinely think it is super interesting and want to share it with you.

Firstly, clay ingestion is a thing; Geophagia is the practice of eating clay, or earth like substances, and it’s been happening for donkey’s years. Even to this day, clay consumption is a common practise in some parts of the world. For example, my friend told me that he remembers eating clay balls as a child and pregnant women craving clay in his birth country, Uganda.  Clay is a wonderful source of minerals, which are essential for metabolic processes. Therefore, it’s natural, that once people tried it they kept coming back to it. No one knows how, when or why most food items were consumed in the first place, but logically, this is how new edible substances got incorporated into a diet:

  1. A person finds and eats something new that he/she hasn’t considered food before or mistakenly prepares an already known food source in a different way (e.g. a person left cabbage to ferment by accident and make sauerkraut)
  2. If the person liked the taste and/or it made him/her feel good afterwards they incorporated it into their diets

Therefore, the likeliest explanation is that people started to realise that clay eaters had overall better health and thus followed in their footsteps. Sadly, when people started to move out of Africa good clay was scarce, and slowly the habit faded out in these parts of the world. Moreover, as we invented patents we moved away from natural remedies as you can’t patent nature, and thus, can’t make money out of it. We also moved away from natural remedies such as clay because we’ve become inpatient pains in the ass. We want to heel something that we’ve had for years in a few days, so we seek pharmaceutical solutions. Sadly, as mentioned in my previous blog, pharma doesn’t fix you, it simply supresses the symptoms.

Now clay, it helps you fix you. Most of the problems that we encounter are due to a dirty colon (which then has secondary effects on your liver and lymph system). A dirty colon is due to the years of dairy, meat, starch and refined sugars consumption; these substances gradually coat the colon preventing elimination of toxins and the uptake of essential vitamins and minerals into the blood. The role of clay, or more precisely a clay detox, is to hack away gradually at the dirt that’s clinging on and let the colon function efficiently.

The result is:

  • Increased nutrient absorption into our blood stream and thus a reduction in insatiable food cravings as the brain feels contempt with the goodies it receives.
  • The flushing out of toxins (chemical and pathological) as they can no longer latch on to the slush covering the colon which contribute to bad skin, headaches and weight gain.
  • A quicker and stronger response to pharma or natural medicine because a larger portion of the ingested medicine gets into the blood and reaches the desired cells in a colon.
  • Balanced internal bacteria which could have been disturbed due to antibiotic courses and a bad diet
  • Improve digestion and reduced food sensitivities, as the colon becomes clean and runs like a smooth engine

Not even lying as I’m writing this post, I prepared myself some clay for later (I will add husk right at the end). I was going to do the detox tomorrow but now I’m like noooo, let’s do it tonight too, because I want it to do its magic on me ASAP

The detox Recipe

Before starting this, you must understand that this isn’t just a little Instagram tea detox; it’s a serious detox that can interfere with medication, if you’re taking any, and can worsen your condition before making you better again. So just be smart and read the website that I recommend at the end of this post to get an in-depth understanding.

With that said, if you can do the detox, then I suggest doing 1 day a week. In each day, drink/do the following:

  • Half a teaspoon on bentonite clay (there are different types but bentonite is the one I use) dissolved in a pint of warm water + a tablespoon of pslyim husk. Once husk is added stir quickly and drink all of it quickly to avoid the husk expanding completely, otherwise you will have to eat the mixture like a porridge. Do this in the morning 2 hours after food (or straight in the morning) and wait to eat anything for 2 hours after consumption
  • And again, the same mixture in the evening. Do this 2 hours after your last meal of the day
  • On the day of the detox, stick to fruit and vegetables. If you really find that hard then you can include whole foods such as beans and oats.
  • Sip warm water throughout the day, making sure you consume at least 2 litres of warm pure water.

The mixture doesn’t taste gross at all, it’s only the texture that takes a bit of getting used to; the sliminess of the husk and the earthiness of clay particles. Also, psyllium is used alongside the clay due to its natural laxative properties; they come in handy as clay can make our polluted bodies constipated.

So, to conclude, this is just an incredibly quick summary of clay, and ones of the ways you can use it to your advantage. I hope you have found it useful, or at least, realised that natural products can do wonders if used properly.

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