The last part to my tips to keep your body healthy series. If you follow me on Instagram you will have realised that Monday- Friday I am super good with my diet and fitness, but on the weekends I ease up. I’m mentioning this so you would see that I too find it hard to follow every single tip I’ve  mentioned every single hour of every single day, but I simply do my best and that’s all that we can do 🙂

8. Take in at least 2 litres a day

This is ridiculously important for us as, on average, the human body is 60% water. Water is needed for temperature regulation, joint lubrication, brain nourishment, lymphatic drainage and for many more bodily process that keep us alive. Moreover, our lungs are 81% water, heart and brain are 75%, and even our bones are 31%. The compound is also essential in junk elimination facilitation from our bodies through urine, sweat, number 2’s, mucus (snot) and tears. So, if we don’t take on adequate water to support all the above process and organs, we experience dehydration which appears in many shapes and sizes. It can result in drier skin, itchy eyes, headaches, increased heart rate, thick mucus, smelly urine and number 2’s, rock like number 2’s, toxin build up…and the list continues. A great way to appreciate how important hydration really is for living organisms is to observe how a plant that’s been water deprived changes once watered. It goes from being flaccid, weak and dead looking to strong and upright. A similar thing is happening in our cells; when dehydrated our cells are shrivelled things in which metabolic reactions are happening slowly, but once you hydrate them they become turgid and the reaction rate increases. A hydrated cell is a much better worker than a dehydrated one and thus keeps ill health at bay.

Help your body out by averaging 2 litres a day; some days you’ll need much more as you’ll be running around in the heat thus more metabolic reactions in your body will occur, and some days you might be having a lazy day in bed in the cold meaning less reactions. But whatever your  water requirement for that day, feel free to get that from a range of sources such as tea, coffee, fruit, vegetables and of course pure water.  Ingest it whenever you want to bearing one thing in mind; cold water makes digestion harder so try stopping yourself from gulping on cold water 15 min before eating, whilst eating and 30 min after.

  • Getting a BRITA filter water bottle is a great choice in my opinion as you can use any coffee shops tap water during your day and filter out the nasties on the go. Also it’s better for the environment instead of buying plastic bottles water. But there are alternative filters too so just no drinking straight tap water (reasons discussed in first part of this series).

9. Move your body

Pretty sure everyone knows this one; it’s become trendy to sweat in a pair of cute leggings and post gym pics on Instagram. However, a lot of people are motivated to work out for aesthetics only and therefore if they are happy with their natural body they tend to avoid exercise. I have to admit that I’ve been guilty of this over the last couple of months; I’ve felt super happy with the way I look and haven’t had the motivation to dedicate time to exercise. However, when I started my 10 healthy life tips I kicked myself in the butt and started to focus once again on the true reasons why we need to work work work work work our bodies.

The number one reason in my opinion is to increase the probability of being physically mobile in older age. Exercise, alongside good nutrition, is an investment for the later years; the more you do it the more benefits you will reap in the future. I’ve done loads of work experience in a hospital and I’ve witnessed how all aspects of your health deteriorate when movement is minimised from your day. And I know most young people don’t think about their health in 20 years’ time but they really should as it directly affects their tax money. The more immobile and unhealthy the population is the more money is put into the NHS, and the less is put towards free education, schools and communities. Exercise is a preventative, and free, medicine which everyone should be taken frequently.

Exercise improves our lymph system drainage, bone strength, sleep quality, mental well-being, blood circulation, toxin elimination, digestion and toilet time. I mean I don’t know what else to say to convince you that exercise is  crazy beneficial. You certainly don’t have to go HAM and train 2 hours a day, 7 days a week, but incorporating exercise into your weekly routine 3-4 times a week for half an hour will do wonderful things to you. And don’t feel like you need to have a body goal to reach or look like those Instagram people; legit just get your body moving for the sake of health and not body image.

  • The Body Book by Cameron Diaz was an enjoyable read if you’d like an easy read about fitness and other goodies for your body.

10. Get enough sleep (your hormones)

Sleep has become such an inconvenient activity these days *rolling eyes emoji. The more you sleep the less time you’re spending grinding, hustling and building your empire. I mean how many hours does Richard Branson sleep? Like two? And who needs 7 hours of sleep anyway when we have coffee, refined sugar, energy drinks and cocaine to keep us alter!

Does the above sound like something you’ve heard recently or has been suggested in the media? If not, then I am surprised because, we as a country report craving more sleep and experiencing elevated levels of fatigue throughout the day. The result? Consumption of coffee and refined sugars to keep us going into the late hours. This is a dangerous cycle because a large portion of people purchase their alertness goodies way too close to their bedtime. This results in feeling awake for another 4-6 hours, going to sleep late and waking up for a job that doesn’t allow an accumulation of a few more hours of sleep.

This pattern is wreaking havoc to our hormones: the vital molecules that control mood, weight, menstrual cycle, sperm production and brain function. I won’t go into detail about the hormones involved in sleep, I’ll do that in another blog post because I think it’s so interesting and a couple lines won’t do it any justice. But I will say that all the extensive research into sleep leads to conclude that if we don’t get enough sleep we become fatter, stupider, unmotivated and prone to depression. We simply don’t have enough energy to experience the wonderful moments that life throws at us.

Sure you can live your life with little sleep and stimulants, but in the long run you will pay a dirty dirty pay check in the form of your health.

Phew so that’s it. I’ve enjoyed writing this up sooo much. The blog posts have actually made me reflect on my daily routine and realise that I wasn’t following my own advice very well. Consequently, this reiterated the need for constant reminders of your goals; I wasn’t reading up on health during the last couple of months, I wasn’t engaging in health related talks with my aunt and I wasn’t following any inspirational Instagram people. This lead me to put my health on the back burner. But, after the three posts I am feeling so motivated again and excited to get back to a healthier lifestyle. So in conclusion I hope these tips have  helped you as much as writing them has helped me 🙂

Lots of kisses,