I hope you found the first part interesting! I know I said I will break the top 10 tips down into two parts, but I realised that this post would be too long if I banged out the other 6 tips on here. So, here is round two (and round three is on its way!):

  1. Try avoiding meat

All of us know this by now but it is hard to avoid meat because at the end of the day, when eating out most dishes are meat based. However, our health should always come first (obviously as always, a treat here and there is allowed) and avoiding meat is a great routine to get into. The meat that we now eat is not the same as it used to be; as the population has increased and our patience has decreased, the meat industry has adapted to meet the demands and make a large profit. An extensive range of growth hormones have been approved by the government as safe for human consumption resulting in lager animals bred in a shorter time. Moreover, animal agriculture is a massive money maker for the UK economy so obviously the government is not becoming an ambassador for the vegetarian lifestyle anytime soon.

However, if you can get meat from your local farmer who will guarantee to you that the animals haven’t had a soup of hormones injected into them and they have lived a life of little stress then eat your little heart out. I mean, I personally don’t think meat is great for you, but there are so many diets that contradict each other so you should just find the one that makes you the happiest. My only goal is to make you aware and help you make decisions more consciously.

6. Avoid dairy products apart from fermented ones

This is the hardest one for me. But there are a lot of benefits to reap from cutting back on this food group. Once again, as with meat and water, our dairy contains antibiotics and additional growth hormones. These compounds definitely do not cause any immediate harm to us as the concentrations that are present in the products are safe. However, although the concentration of antibiotics or hormones that some of us use is also safe, the healthier option would be not to have them at all if we could. The same goes for chemicals we are consuming from food; the less we ingest, the better.

Moreover, Dr. Walter Willett, who is a Harvard professor and one of the most influential nutrition researchers, is also against dairy. His research has lead him to conclude that dairy is not as essential as the government makes out to be and can lead to increased hip fracture and prostate cancer. I’m mentioning Dr. Willett just to show you guys that the world’s leading university are now starting to conduct studies into the harms of dairy.

However, the dairy exceptions are Kefir and Quark; these are fermented milk products. Whilst they still have all the nasty chemicals as they still originate from milk, they have a very different effect on the body than say milk, cheese and yogurt. The bacteria in kefir uses the lactose as food in the fermentation process resulting in an absence of lactose and a large range of friendly gut bacteria and minerals. So, if you want to keep our lady cows unwillingly parting with their milk then at least consume their goods in a fermented form.

  1. Avoid pharma made medicine

Nearly all the pharmaceuticals that we take do not cure the disease’s, symptoms: they simply mask them, prevent further departure from health or slow down the inevitable end.  The older most people get, the more medication they take and their life becomes dependent on a doctor writing out a prescription for them every once in a while. We are taught to strive for financial independence but I think health independence is equally important.

Simply put the more drugs you take, the more work the liver must do to detoxify the body. This means the liver is working less on the day to day detoxification and the less it does this the more toxic remain in your body for longer possibly resulting in illness.

SO, by trying to mask the headache you are experiencing you’re just setting yourself up for more ill health. Obviously, if you need to go to work and you don’t have time to heal yourself with herbal remedies then course dose up on the drugs! But legit, if you have a tiny headache, try to not reach for the paracetamol and even more obviously, as with everything, if you take one paracetamol in your life then the adverse effects will be negligible but if you use pharmaceuticals throughout your life then your liver will start to feel like an over worked donkey.

However, if in this moment in life you cannot be pharma free then try to help your liver out by doing a little cleanse/ detox occasionally, eating healthier and everything else that I’ve talked about above.  All in all, if your health scale is tipping a bit more to one side than the average person’s, then you my friend, need to do a bit more than the average to get the balance right; simple but I know not easy.

…part three coming up this week!

Lots of kisses,