My auntie and I love red wine, cookies, chocolate and pastries; we allow ourselves to enjoy the wonderful yumminess that we are fortunate to be able to buy. So, we definitely allow ourselves to enjoy life but we don’t want to mess up our health and that’s why we have a few habits in place that balance out our indulgent moments. I have devised the list into two separate blog posts as one would be way too long.

1.Drink herbal tea’s

Herbal remedies have been around for donkey’s years, and doing a few preventative measures to ward of disease is never a bad idea, therefore herbal teas are perfect to umph up your health. Different tea’s do different things, so depending on what your bodies needs help with there is a perfect tea out there for you:

Mint and ginger for digestion

Green tea for energy

Milk thistle for liver detoxification

Chamomile for calmness

Those are just the ones I regularly drink, but have a browse as there are some awesome brands out there!

  1. Don’t drink water straight from the tap

I know this is a controversial one but I feel strongly about it. Water is a big part of most people’s diet and therefore we should avoid ingesting chemicals and bacteria alongside it. Yes, I know that the government says that the chemicals they use to clean the water are perfectly fine for us but there is plenty of independent research that would disagree. Get yourself a water filter (making sure you change the filter regularly), drink bottled water (making sure you recycle the bottle) or boil your water (making sure you don’t ingest the limescale). I know all these options have their own disadvantages; from environmental harm to not fully getting rid of certain chemicals (e.g. oestrogen contaminated water that comes from the tap due to women taking the pill) but all the alternatives are much better for your health than straight tap water. Consequently, hardly anything is 100% pure when you live in an urban area, so we just have to try the best we can with the resources we have.

  1. Occasionally, do some sort of cleanse

I know this is another controversial one as some doctors say we need to detox others don’t. But personally, I think we need to give our bodies a little help as the world around is not being very friendly to us; there’s carcinogens in our air, chemicals in our water, pesticides in our fruit and veg and loads of other nasties that we’re exposed to. Here’s a few things I do (and I will do individual blog posts on these):

  • I am currently drinking MSM (natural sulfur compound) every morning and will be for the next few months. It’s a miracle for your body that has been shown to even help people with serious illness.
  • I do varying detoxes with bentonite clay (it makes a great face mask too) and psyllium husk. A couple times a year I do a couple weeks where I drink it every day, three times a day. Other times, I drink it once per week, twice a day. Again, another great habit that soaks up your bodies nasties.
  • I used to drink baking soda before I started MSM. Baking soda is just a wonder product all round; it can whiten teeth, get rid of thrush, balance your bodies Ph, be used as a face and body scrub and also be used to make delicious cakes!


  1. Eat your fruit and vegetables

My last blog post was all about this but I thought I’ll put this in again just to re-instate how important they are! However, for those who don’t enjoy their flavor and/or texture there are loads of recipe ideas with ways to sneak fruit and veg into your meals. Here are a few websites that I love: This is one of my favourite food recipe websites. You can type in something specific your looking for and it will come back with loads of recipes from different website, or simply scroll through a random selection of mouth-watering food ideas. – A lovely website by a fourth grade teacher that has loads of tasty vegan recipes including zucchini (courgette) muffins! Recipes are easy to follow and don’t require you to spend donkey’s years in the kitchen. – Another great website by a lady called Kate. She has loads of fun healthy recipes and her website is very cute to look at too.

Do check out the links and have a more in depth look at some of the things I’ve mentioned. Part two coming up in the next few days!

or this

Lots of kisses,