Having been back in London for a week and a bit now, I cannot put into words the amount that I miss reliable Turkish summer! I love love love London, I want to live here forever, but the weather is the only factor that really f’s me off. But anyway, little rant over and moving onto the topic that I really want to write about this week; what I learnt from the food I ate in Turkey.


I was visiting my friend and his family down there and got the chance to eat some amazingly yummy food; some of the dishes left me inspired and wanting to re-create them back in London. However, because I was eating meals prepared by someone else the whole time, my eating habits and the types of foods I ate were very different than what I was used to. I enjoyed the food so much and the indulgent part of me wishes I could eat as I did every day. However, it did leave me feeling a bit heavy. This was not due to weight gain but simply because the food was richer than I’m normally used to and the amount of salad consumed was less than I’m normally used to.


Towards the end of the holiday I was already planning to up my fruit and veg intake significantly when I get back home because I felt my body really needed a vitamin hook up. And again, this was not because I gained weight, as I really didn’t, it was simply because I listened to my body and it was telling me what it was craving to feel happy again.


This lead me to realise, for the thousandth time, that fruit and veg are essential for our health. If fruit and vegetables don’t feature in your diet and you say you feel fine, then good but trust me– if you started feasting on them you would notice how much better you would feel. They are your guts natural brooms; the fibre in them looks after your inner gut and makes sure everything keeps moving through. They contain beneficial vitamins that up your bodies performance, and supply your hard-working cells with an energy umph. They fill you up and prevent you from grabbing for naughty stuff daily.


…And they do much more but the bottom line is that they really are the bodies best friend and if you let them be-friend yours you will only reap benefits. So, I encourage you to fill up your breakfast with yummy fruits and pack out your lunches and dinners with the leafy greens- literally go to town with the green on your plate, the more the merrier!