During a typical week I upload one blog post, update my social media frequently, fit in 3-4 morning gym sessions and keep on top of life admin. However, last week I completely failed at sticking to my weekly routine.

My atypical week was due to having planned loads of social events and completely throwing my long term goals out the window: I went out, ate tasty food, drank loads of delicious red wine and had an awesome time with my friends. This lead to me getting home late, not planning my next day outfit, going to sleep fake tanless, re-setting my alarm an hour later, feeling horrible waking up, struggling through my work day….and then repeating the whole cycle again. Come Friday, I was exhausted to the max, feeling gross and looking pretty shabby.

So, whilst I was making my way through an entire Ben & Jerry’s cookie tub, I realised I was being unrealistic; I thought that I would have time to work on my blog post and be a wine drinking social butterfly (whilst going to my 9-5).  Every day we have to decide how we spend our time; do we dedicate time to an activity that coincides with our long term goals or satisfies our short term pleasures. And I’m 100% not saying that strengthening my friendship bonds is a short term pleasure; having great relationships/ friendships is definitely a goal that I will strive for throughout my whole life. However, the activities which I engaged in whilst socialising could have certainly co-incited with them; I could have drunk much less, ate healthier and got my booty home earlier. But instead I used breaking away from one routine (going straight home after work) as justification to break away from numerous ones.

And it’s because I failed to implement daily goal reminders into my life. We get indulgent things thrown in front of us every day and if we are exposed to them enough, sometimes our goals can get shoved to the back of our minds. Constant exposure to life’s naughties without grounding and self-discipline lead people to do things that they later regret. I could have had drunk herbal tea and went to sleep instead of eating the tub of ice cream, but because I didn’t have my long term goal in my head, and it was reduced to a dribble worthy £2.50 in Sainsbury’s, I gave in.

To summarise, we always have to make a choice; we can’t RSVP with a yes and a no, can’t take both routes to work at the same time and can’t wear both of our favourite pairs of shoes at once (on our feet at least). And for us to make the best choices that are inline with our main goals in life we have to remind ourselves of them; so YASSS to inspirations instagram quotes!!!

But for real, I think it’s great to do at least one of the following to keep your little mind focused on your goals:

-have few phrases dotted around your house

– read morning affirmations

– engage in religious practise

-put together a dreams board

-have a piece of jewellery/token that symbolises what you want

-write a diary every morning

-set alarms throughout the day

I am a firm believer that it is healthy to give into life’s naughties once in a while (the none dodgy ones like eating cake obv) and I am grateful that they are surrounding us because I have so much amazing choice in the country I live in however, avoiding a slippery slope is key.

Lots of kisses,