Recently I have been trying to avoid big chain coffee shops for my caffeine fix or a bite to eat at lunch. However, I’ve been failing horribly; I’ve been so wrapped up in my own thoughts that I keep forgetting my goal. Only after having passed a cute little independent café, with a Starbucks Cappuccino in hand, do I get struck with the ‘arghhh man I didn’t support a local business again’ realisation.

Forgetting important goal’s is a problem for many areas of our lives; we want to constantly be positive, eat well, recycle, exercise, get enough sleep and do all the other things that everyone seems to be doing on Instagram but life gets in the way and we get side tracked. Our big goals get pushed to the back of our heads to an equivalent of the bedroom chair that we dump things we haven’t had time to deal with.

However, if we keep postponing our goals, it will take a very long time to achieve what we want and be the best we can be. This is the reason that constant reminders during our day are so important to keep us on track and prevent domestic life making our big goals Plan B in our day. This is also the reason why sometimes the cheesy ‘30 day challenge-esque’ challenges work. They bring to the forefront of our attention something we really want to focus on.

Therefore will all that said, I am setting myself a 30 day independent business challenge; I will not step into a Costa, Starbucks, EAT, Pret a Manger, etc. I will also try to shop at local food markets and butchers. I know it will be hard as it is much more convenient to grab a coffee from one of the many chain coffee shops I pass on my way to work, or pop into the local Sainsbury’s outside my tube station rather than hunt down (with the help of Google) the scare independent businesses around me.

But having said that, I truly want to try and support independent businesses much more as there are so many great quality coffee/ food shops out there that are struggling to stay open due to the big brands having more money to buy prime spots around the city.

After I complete my 30 day challenge, I will write a post reviewing my month and hopefully will have some super cute food and drink places that I can recommend in London!

Lots of kisses,


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