I have sat down and thought about some of the tips I wish I had known sooner!

Here is my top 10:

  1. Wear things that you feel comfortable in. They don’t even need to be comfortable; you just have to feel confident in them. I love stilettos, and even though they are not the most heavenly experience for my feet, I feel great wearing them and totally feel like I own my strut. There is definitely a positive correlation between comfort in your clothes and the confidence you exuberate.
  2. Investing in great fitting blue and black jeans is a definite recommendation of mine. Finding the perfect fit of jeans was one of the best moments of my life! The perfect pair should stand the test of time, not stretch out and go with most things in your wardrobe.
  3. Don’t under dress for the occasion but feel free to over dress to your hearts content. Going for casual drinks but if you crave to doll yourself up? Do it gurlll! I rarely ask my friends what their wearing for an event because I’m not scared to look over dressed or different. All of us know roughly the types of normal outfits for work, bars, fancy restaurants and family events – take your knowledge and then step up the fancy level as much as you want. Life is too short to wear a ‘plain Jane’ outfit when you really want to rock a Prince-esque one.
  4. This one ties in nicely with no.3… noone is allowed to judge you for your dress sense. Literally, if anyone criticises what you’re wearing just smile because if you loved the outfit when you left your house, therefore the outfit is on POINT no matter WHAT.
  5. Having a good basic foundation de-stresses your life when you are in a hurry, and your fashionista brain department has gone on strike. A few basics like a white T or a black jumper is like a first aid kit; it might not do wonders but it will certainly save our ass for the time being.
  6. Refreshing black garments with black dye once every 3-4 months is a handy trick to keep them looking new. It has topped me from throwing away a number of good clothes just for the sake of them looking worn out.
  7. Spend little on: tops, dresses, going out clothes, season accessories and fashion bottoms. Spend more on: shoes, handbags, coats and a few good pairs of staple trousers/jeans.
  8. Don’t get too hung up if one of your accessories has gold details and another has silver. In an ideal world all of our wardrobes would be kitted out with every variation of the Chanel classic handbag and Louboutins but in reality we don’t have homes and pay checks big enough to make that happen. As long as the whole look ties in from like a few metres away then you are all good for a cute Insta moment.
  9. Black is not boring. If you want to wear black everyday then you should.
  10. You don’t have to define your style. One month you might enjoy wearing dresses, the next you may feel like dressing like a tom boy AND then the next you might want to accessorise your little heart out. When I was younger I used to read magazines and the celebrities would always have such a clear definition of their style. For many years I tried to pin point the exact word that described mine and buy pieces that all had the same style. But I have realised that fashion should be treated as your lunch; we like to go for a Pret one day and Wasabi the next. Personally sometimes I feel dressing a bit ghetto/ eastern European swag while other days I add a hint of sophistication and pretend like I’m on an episode of Suits.

Lots of kisses,