One of my favourite things in the world is to enjoy great food and tasty wine with interesting people. Conversation flowing, wine glasses swinging and candles warmly illuminating the cosy space ARGHHH love it! Going out is great; there are sooo many restaurants that I am dying to visit in London. However, I have also become incredibly excited to host diner parties. I was never too fussed to cook but as I have got older I’ve developed the love for them; something that has probably stemmed from seeing my Mum cook up tasty feasts that have resulted in lots of smiley people.

Therefore, this week, I am super excited to cook up a three course meal for someone I am seeing at the moment. Whenever I cook for a guy I always end up making beef- beeeeef glorious beeeeef. Also, I always want to squeeze in something Lithuanian; my heritage is close to my heart and I want to share all the lovliness it has to offer.

Restaurant L’Aine will be serving up the following this Friday


Saltibarsciai Soup and Potato Wedges

Recipe for soup:

Recipe for Potato Wedges:


Flat iron beef with blue cheese butter and cucumber, tomatoes and spring onion salad

Recipe for beef and blue cheese butter:

Recipe for salad: sliced sweet cherry tomatoes, cucumber mixed with quark, salt and pepper


Selection of homemade mini pastries:

Cinnamon rolls with maple icing


White, milk and dark chocolate twists


All will be served with Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice- cream


Red Wine

Although I always try and have a selection of alcohol (and tea) at home- forever ready to listen to a girlfriend gossip about anything over a steaming mug or boozy glass.

The background music I have chosen is upbeat Jazz with a sprinkling of people like Drake, Michael Jackson and John Legend. Because it’s a date I tried to avoid any of the really cheesy love songs with lyrics that could make a silent moment feel awkward as hell. The playlist I have created is titled ‘DINNER’ and it is on Spotify.


Candles, dim lighting, table cloth and cute wine glasses will complete the boojie atmosphere I want to create.

I would love to snap you guys the pictures of the food that I make but probably will restrain as it’s the first time I’m cooking for him so don’t want to be the weirdo that has to take a picture of EVRYTHING eeeee.

Fingers crossed!

Lots of kisses,


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