Your aches and pains are a physical manifestation of your emotions.

Tell me that you’ve been experiencing back pain and I will know you are scared about the future. Complain that you have mouth ulcers and I will know that, behind your smile, there is a bunch of nasty words that you would love to spit out.

Over the last couple of years, my thinking has dramatically changed. I have come to realise that I can no longer blame my genes or the environment. I am fully responsible for every departures of health I experience. At first, it feels daunting that all the pressure is on yourself to succeed in ‘health’ but then you realise that you are no longer hopeless, and are able to change drastically if you put in the work. If you are a sufferer of a chronic illness, the light at the end of the tunnel that was once extinguished by a doctor can now be re-lit.

I have realised that my thoughts are the only thing that are stopping me from having perfectly clear skin, a great night’s sleep and a pain free back. I no longer complain aimlessly, as I understand that the spot has emerged on my face to remind me that I haven’t yet developed unconditional self-love. If I ignore that spot, in a few days another one will come along as another reminder to not ignore the lack of self-confidence that I feel. The longer I ignore that emotion the bigger it will grow and the more skin problems I will have. Ignoring it long enough, by assuming that it is not related to your emotions, will only lead to more health problems. Your energy system wants you to get rid of the crap you harbour within yourself, and it will keep bugging you till you do.

The build-up of nasty emotions starts when we start to understand the world around us. When we are born our body is a clean, energy conducting system2. As little kids we get angry, have a little tantrum and 5 minutes later we’re happy again. Never does a little girl turn around to her friend and say ‘So I’ve been thinking about the way you pushed me over in the playground…you’re a bitch…don’t ever speak to me again’. They just don’t. Energy flows into them, they form a negative emotion out of it, and then let the energy go (and thus the emotion). Energy is not stagnant within them. It goes in and it comes out, and they live their next day without forming their reality based on the negative emotions they’ve stored up.

Then as kids get older things start to change. They start to take in what their parents say. They hear about their dad complaining about a guy pushing him over on the train. They hear their Mum bitching about her friend by saying how fat and ugly she is. The next time the little girl gets pushed over in the playground she already has re-formulated ideas. She believes people that push people are bad and she also remembers that being fat and ugly is also associated to bad people. She will now react to the push differently. She will now get angry and call her friend fat and ugly. She will now store this memory away alongside that negative emotion. This is when the once free flowing energy starts to get halted.

Over the years, the little girl will form more negative emotions from experiences and instead of letting the energy flow through, it will get stuck; she will make assumptions from innocent scenarios, takes things personally and gain insecurities. When negativity builds up and energy gets stuck that’s when you start departing from health1.

My friends already know all about my way of thinking. However, they also know that, whilst I believe in all the things I have explained, I sometimes don’t stick to my beliefs. Sometimes I will catch myself in horrendous lighting and feel super ugly that day. Then I’ll be worried that I actually look like that all the time and this will be followed with my digestive system giving up on me for a few days (digestive system is associated with anxiety related emotions).

We are always so fixated to blame someone for our sadness/anger/jealousy and therefore it is super hard to abolish blame all together from our lives ( I could easily blame the shop bought sandwich for feeling sick instead of realising my negative thinking has brought on my illness). It’s hard to realise that all the bad things happening in your life are down to you. Yet, holding onto the anger only hurts our wellbeing.

Overall, this is just a little glimpse into what I try and follow and believe in my day to day life. Books that explain all this far better than me are:

  • Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav– This is just the most amazing book that brings all the things that I have talked about together. Very well written and easy to read, it makes you sit back and think about your own life after every few pages. He’s also the guy responsible for Oprah’s positive thinking teachings; Zukav has been on her show numerous times. Overall, love this book and it’s almost my coffee table type book since I can open any page and there is always a beautifully composed phrase.


  • The Mastery of Love by Don Ruiz– Sometimes it is hard to grasp abstract ideas such as emotions and Don Ruiz has found a way to over come that. Through out the book the author uses examples of situations and amazingly creative metaphors to explain complex ideas. It’s such a well crafted and almost fairy tale like book that address key ideas about our internal mess and why we do stupid things like stay in bad relationships. And just like The Seat of the Soul, this book is riddled with beautiful phrases which makes it easy to pick up, turn to any page, and down a shot of wisdom.

Hope you have  enjoyed it (sorry it’s ended up way too long), and I have stopped myself from referencing every other phrase I wrote since there is so much more to say about this. However I have referenced such a few words below for clarity purposes:

  1. I use the word ‘health’ loosely. When referring to a ‘departure’ from health I mean absolutely anything that will make you re-think running out naked and jumping into a cold pond. A gain of excess weight, a runny nose, joint pain, fever, headache, menstrual cramps, infection, hay fever, IBS, acne, body pain, cancer, etc.…
  2. However new born babies do get ill and this is due to parental emotions get passed during birth. They are born with a set of emotions that their parents possess and later on in life they just stack their own made up ones on top