Leonardo DiCaprio’s new documentary, ‘Before the Flood‘ has sparked a lot of talk about Global Warming among young adults. Having a science background, I was already aware of the bleak future that we are heading towards, but these gloomy facts were very surprising to my friends from other disciplines.

Due to this, I thought a brief blog on the topic would be relevant this week. I interviewed Nick, who is a Commercial Energy Analyst and has helped the Government in Green Energy Policies before.

Hope you find this interesting to read: I have tried to keep it simple and as little sleep inducing as possible.

Do you think England’s Government is taking Climate Change seriously?
Not as serious as they should be taking it. I understand it is a difficult situation because in order to make a positive change to the planet the Government needs to implement new technologies. These technologies, at the moment, are still a long way away from being accepted by the public as they are complicated and futuristic. The government should be focusing more on educating the public in order for them to feel more comfortable with the inevitable changes that will take place. However, companies such as Tesla and Nissan are putting much more money into going green and they realise the potential benefits of their investments.They understand that a business that doesn’t change with the times, doesn’t succeed. These companies are ahead of the game; they understand that Governments all around the world will have no other choice than to make strict changes in the next few years to come. Solar Cities Programme in Australia ( read more at http://www.environment.gov.au/climate-change/renewable-energy/solar-towns ) is a great example of where more and more of the worlds cities will be heading and companies need to adapt to new social-economic environments.

If you could implement one new policy what would it be?
This is difficult  to answer because there’s so many, but I would probably cut generation of any non-green energy. Within months, the market would be filled with gadgets and ways to generate energy at home, technology would be forced to improve and companies focusing on green energy would dominate the market. Unfortunately, this shift away from our conventional energy sources causes a lot of issues hence why it hasn’t been done yet.

Which new clean energy technologies are you most excited about?
There’s quite a few different technologies out there now, honestly I believe the little things are the biggest things. I believe the key is to sustain energy.The problem with renewable energies is that they rely on the wind and sun and so when it’s not sun and/or windy what do we do then? And then, when it is windy and/or sunny, only so much can go on to the national grid. Too much at one point can break the delicate system, as generation must match demand. This results in wind turbines actually being turned off when it’s really windy. Due to the above reasons, I am much more excited about batteries. Batteries are great power storage systems that can be placed behind your electricity meter, to store energy at night for it to be used during peak periods. They can also be used at a much larger scale to store renewable energy. Governments have recently realised these great benefits, especially the US who have been pouring massive amounts of funding into battery efficiency. Although, now that Donald Trump has come into power, the advances that the US have made in this field are likely to be halted.

What do you think our household will look like in 2050?
This is very difficult to answer as it can be anything from massive stacked and crowded cities, or breakthroughs in technology where there’s miniature local grids powered from technology we still don’t understand. Nuclear fusion could dominate the future of energy. Or, perhaps we will generate energy so efficiently that won‘t require fuel. Lastly, I hope we will make breakthroughs in physics, ones that we can‘t yet comprehend.

How could the typical citizen help out the planet right now?
Honestly? Drive less. Eat less meat. Be efficient with energy and don’t use so much heating at home (it‘s the biggest use of energy in your house).

What is your overall feeling towards Global Warming and where the world is heading?
We’re heading to doom. 97% of scientist’s are arguing over what will kill us first. But greed is powerful and it will lead to people damming themselves. However, if we don’t destroy ourselves, and people are a little more selfless, hopefully breakthroughs in technology can save us. But the little things are the biggest and people have the sovereignty to make change happen. It’s just sad  that whatever happens our wildlife will most likely become extinct.

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